TECH'OFF : Technology soars at the service of creativity

Published on 28/11/2016

On september 14th and 15th , VIDELIO – Events gave full options to SUPERBIEN to create a show illustrating how technology could boost creativity.

It was a first-time partnership pushing the enveloppe of technical and creative services to their limits with the result of immersion into the awakened dream of a movie set manager, who evolves in a surrealistictic world tuned to the subtle mix of special effects , immersive interactions and equipments used beyond their intended purpose.
A Hi-Tech show where the human factor and technology interact through a single and same system combining images, sounds and lights that we can provide with infinite variety for each of your projects.

Please Click below to view the show 

Artistic Management / Scenography / Video Content / Interactive System SUPERBIEN 
Technical supplies & operation : VIDELIO – Events 
Artistic coordination : Audrey Baldacci 
Choregraphy : Lionel Hun – Compagnie Hybride 
Artist : Anthony yung 
Musical Creation : Sébastien Perronet 
Display System  : Kinetic par Modulo PI 
3D Sound spacing system: Euphonia – Sonic Emotion / Arnault Damien 
System Operator  : Fabrice Auchère 
Light designer  : Remy Raoux. 

Many Thanks ! to all 300 guest present-at the event

We hope to see you at the next edition of the TECH’OFF #Staytuned

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