In september, synergies at work in the educational field with VIDELIO - Cap'Ciné

Published on 01/10/2015

VIDELIO - IEC and VIDELIO - CapCiné, synergies at work in the Educational field !

The end of august 2015 and the ongoing month of september gave VIDELIO - Cap' Ciné the opportunity to finalize 3 important projects for schools in the A/V domain.

  • At the BTS (Superior Technical Diploma) training facility in Pointe-Noire, Guadeloupe, (French overseas territories), VIDELIO - IEC won a contract as the main supplier and VIDELIO - Cap'Ciné acted as a sub-contractor to supply the following equipment : a post-production system including an ISIS 5500 32 Terabyte server with 8x Avid Media Composer stations V8.4 on MAC computers + 1x Media Composer with Symphony option.
  • BTS diploma, the Jean Rostand facility in Roubaix (metropolitan France). VIDELIO - Cap' Ciné and VIDELIO - IEC Lille both replied to the tender. The two companies joined forces and relied upon the expertise of their teams to upgrade the equipment of one of the oldest French BTS A/V training facilities. 
    The new post-production gear includes : An Avid ISIS|5500 server with 128 Terabyte of storage,
    14x Avid Media Composer stations and 1x Airspeed|5500, 4 channels in MPEG-2 HD
  • CINE Fabrique à Lyon : VIDELIO-IEC Lyon was able to rely upon VIDELIO-Cap'Ciné to supply a configuration including 2x ISIS 1000 servers and 3D stations based upon Apple Mac computers upon which are installed 2x Avid software applications : Avid|Media Composer  and Avid|Pro Tools.




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